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Hack your brain for productivity.

Run Centered while you work and get into your Flow State faster.

Centered offers Flow Music & automated Productivity Coaching, Mono-Tasking, Do-Not-Disturb on Mac, Notification Blocking, Distraction Nudges and an elegant Task Management Dashboard.

Built for engineers by engineers.

Image of Erik Rasmussen

This is unlike any other productivity tool I’ve ever used.  I’m generally very skeptical about apps like this but I’ve just crushed well over half of my tasks and it’s only noon!

Erik Rasmussen

Creator of Redux Form and Final Form

Image of Dan Parry

Centered app is a lifesaver.  I literally save so much time and get so much done.  Haven't raved about an app like this (that wasn't no code) in a while!

Dan Parry

Co-Founder of Tectonic • Building

Image of Lenny Rachitsky

Centered app is a game changer!  I got more done in the last three hours than I did all of yesterday.

Lenny Rachitsky

Writer • Advisor • Angel Investor

Everything in one place.

Aggregate your Tasks, plan your day, crush your work.

Capture all your Tasks in one view.  Pick and choose what you’ll work on in today’s Flow Session.

Science-Backed Flow Music

100+ hours of custom music designed to best practices - 60-90bpm, ambient, non-vocal art for your Flow.

Virtual Co-Working Sessions

Ready to Flow? You can choose a solo experience or one where you can see (but not hear) your team.

Automated Accountability

Virtual coaching, time reminders & accountability buddies to keep you 100% productive.

Do Not Disturb

You can enable automatic Do Not Disturb mode so you can focus right from the start (macOS only).

App Tracking & Analytics

Discover where your attention goes. How you’re performing and improving over time. Fully private to you and you alone.


Distraction Nudges

If you stray from your work, we will get you back on track (requires mac Desktop app or Windows/Chrome ext).

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for virtually all repetitive commands so you can fly through all your Tasks.

Integrated Task Management

See all your potential Tasks and plan out your entire workflow. Drag and drop from your most used apps and get into Flow.

Top Productivity Frameworks

Practice the Pomodoro Technique or have your own breathing, stretching or meditation schedule? We support you.

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    Get It Done

    Get It Done
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Access Virtual Coaching & Live Co-working Sessions

We’ll keep you on track and motivated.   Work solo or with your team with virtual coaching, reminders and nudges to stay focused and on Task.

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Optimize Your Breaks

Stop to breathe, stretch & clear your head. Whatever productivity framework you’re using, we’ll remind you to take breaks at the right time for max productivity.

Customize your flow UI

Customize Your Flow

Configurable to how YOU get into Flow.   Choose from 100+ hours of custom Flow Music as well as ambient sounds.

Breathing exercise UI

Beautiful & Intuitive

While building all these features to make you productive, we didn’t forget to make Centered beautiful and simple.

Is Centered a to-do list? a task manager? for my phone or Desktop?

Yes and yes (and so much more!).  Centered allows you to easily aggregate all your Tasks in one place, and then design work sessions to get them done.  When you are ready to get into your Flow State, Centered puts your computer into DND (Mac) and puts your Slack into “away” status.  Noah, the automated productivity coach, will welcome you, encourage you, nudge you when you go off-track, congratulate you when you’re done and remind you to take healthy breaks.  In addition, there are over 100 hours of bespoke Flow Music to accompany your Flow Session, and scores of Productivity Videos featuring lessons from history’s greatest achievers.

Do all users experience a 30% productivity boost?

Centered's internal data has found that our thousands of early users complete their work 30% faster. While the percentage ranges dependent on every user, we've found that the more time people use Centered, the faster their work gets done. This has been confirmed by the hundreds of users we've personally onboarded and chatted with over the last year.

How will Flow make me more productive?

Being in Flow means that all your energy is going into the Task in your focal point. There's no greater way to channel the immense resources of your brain into deep work than to practice the meditative state of Flow. Centered combines all the known external contributions to help you reach your Flow State as quickly as possible and stay there as long as possible.

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Try Centered for yourself and see what it’s like to blaze through your Tasks in record time.

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  • Distraction Nudges

  • Full Do-Not-Disturb on Mac

  • Custom Flow Music

  • Flow Coaches

  • Slack Do-Not-Disturb

  • Streamlined Task Management

Premium Plan

$10 /mo
$80 /yr
  • Everything from Free Plan +

  • Comprehensive Analytics

  • Private Co-Working Sessions

  • Private Task Lists

  • Private Analytics