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Derek Beres
5 Lessons from Cal Newport’s “Deep Work”
Cal Newport's 2016 book, Deep Work, is a masterpiece of digital minimalism. Here are 5 important lessons from this landmark book.
Derek Beres
Centered Supports Hackathons
Centered works in partnership with a number of hackathons. Here's who we support.
Derek Beres
Increasing Numbers of Americans Are Experiencing Brain Fog. Here's How to Manage It.
Nutrition plays a big role in brain fog. Here's how to maximize your meals in order to remain sharp and focused throughout the day.
Julie Fung
The Single Piece of Health Advice That Will Change Your Day
75% of Americans attempt to function without enough water every day. The health and productivity costs can be staggering.
Elsa Lee
The #1 Way to Feel Energized
Everything begins with a good night's sleep. If you're getting less than seven hours per night, here are some tips to help get you back on track.
Derek Beres
The World's Rarest Commodity—and How to Find It
Digital platforms promise to bring us together, yet people seem lonelier than ever. We need to consider more absence in our lives.
Julie Fung
Remote Work Is Taking A Toll On Everyone. Here's How to Fix It.
Humans are social animals. How can we navigate the world of remote work when loneliness is inescapable?
Derek Beres
Want to Get Into a Flow State? Begin with Coffee.
One cup of coffee before exercise followed by another before work offers two enhanced opportunities to get into Flow States.

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