Derek Beres
How to Create a Peak Experience
Peak experiences are characterized by a feeling of euphoria and transcendence. You can train to get in them.
Derek Beres
How Music Helps You Enter Flow States
Music is an ideal means for entering Flow States. Neuroscientist Dan Levitin explains the neuroscience of music.
Derek Beres
How Flow States Help You Find Meaning in Work and Life
Our instructive roadmap on how to enter Flow States.
Ulf Schwekendiek
Why Showing Gratitude Gives You Perspective
We continually refine Centered to be the most productive Flow State app in the market. Here are the latest features...
Ulf Schwekendiek
Our World Has Changed. Here's How We Make it Better to Live in.
Centered is a mindfulness oriented to-do app that helps you get your tasks done 30% faster.