Our Company Secret from the Pandemic
Helping workers get into Flow States is a top priority in a productive and happy workforce. Here's why that matters.
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Meet the #Productives: Benny (The Planning Geek)
From Afrobeats playlists to the Pomodoro Technique, Benny (The Planning Geek) breaks down her productivity secrets.
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4 Powerful Quotes About Attention
In The Attention Merchants, law professor Tim Wu details the value of attention—and why we need to fight for it against Big Tech.
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5 Lessons from Cal Newport’s “Deep Work”
Cal Newport's 2016 book, Deep Work, is a masterpiece of digital minimalism. Here are 5 important lessons from this landmark book.
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Centered Supports Hackathons
Centered works in partnership with a number of hackathons. Here's who we support.
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Increasing Numbers of Americans Are Experiencing Brain Fog. Here's How to Manage It.
Nutrition plays a big role in brain fog. Here's how to maximize your meals in order to remain sharp and focused throughout the day.
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The Single Piece of Health Advice That Will Change Your Day
75% of Americans attempt to function without enough water every day. The health and productivity costs can be staggering.
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The #1 Way to Feel Energized
Everything begins with a good night's sleep. If you're getting less than seven hours per night, here are some tips to help get you back on track.