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Everything in one place.

Aggregate your Tasks, plan your day, crush your work.

Capture all your Tasks in one view.  Pick and choose what you’ll work on in today’s Flow Session.

Science-Backed Flow Music

100+ hours of custom music designed to best practices - 60-90bpm, ambient, non-vocal art for your Flow.

Virtual Co-Working Sessions

Ready to Flow? You can choose a solo experience or one where you can see (but not hear) your team.

Automated Accountability

Virtual coaching, time reminders & accountability buddies to keep you 100% productive.

Do Not Disturb

You can enable automatic Do Not Disturb mode so you can focus right from the start (macOS only).

App Tracking & Analytics

Discover where your attention goes. How you’re performing and improving over time. Fully private to you and you alone.


Distraction Nudges

If you stray from your work, we will get you back on track (requires mac Desktop app or Windows/Chrome ext).

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for virtually all repetitive commands so you can fly through all your Tasks.

Integrated Task Management

See all your potential Tasks and plan out your entire workflow. Drag and drop from your most used apps and get into Flow.

Top Productivity Frameworks

Practice the Pomodoro Technique or have your own breathing, stretching or meditation schedule? We support you.

Magic of Flow represented using waves

The Magic of Flow

A Flow State produces an almost-mystical experience.  Your sense of time is transformed.  The difference between five minutes and five hours dissolves.  You become so engrossed in a Task you lose all sense of minutes and hours.

Flow has been compared to trances and hypnosis.  Because the Flow State shuts down the part of your brain that creates your ego, you feel immersed in everything around you.

You feel at one with yourself and the world.

Flow presents an opportunity to maximize your potential.  People in Flow States perform their duties better and with more enjoyment than they would otherwise, whether it’s writing a book, completing 100 lines of code, or running a marathon.

People in Flow report a sense of transcendence from everyday anxieties and concerns.  No longer hindered, they’re able to focus completely and achieve their goals.

Characteristics that will help you achieve Flow


Keep It Simple

The experience usually occurs when you tackle Tasks you have a chance of completing.

Limit Distractions

You must be able to concentrate on what you're doing.

Make Clear Goals

Concentration is possible because the Task has clear goals and provides immediate feedback.

Make It Enjoyable

Enjoyable experiences allow you to exercise a sense of control over your actions, increasing the opportunity for Flow.

Maximize Your Potential

Concern for the self disappears; paradoxically, your sense of self becomes stronger after the Flow experience is over.

Ready to get your life back?

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  • Distraction Nudges

  • Full Do-Not-Disturb on Mac

  • Custom Flow Music

  • Flow Coaches

  • Slack Do-Not-Disturb

  • Streamlined Task Management

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$80 /yr
  • Everything from Free Plan +

  • Comprehensive Analytics

  • Private Co-Working Sessions

  • Private Task Lists

  • Private Analytics