How do I get started?

This collection of short videos will help you sign up for Centered, take your first Flowhall, download the desktop app, and more! 

Do you offer discounts to students, educators, and nonprofit workers?

We support students, educators, and nonprofit workers at all times — especially in this extraordinary time. Email us at, and we'll enable your account for a 50% discount on whatever plan you choose.

What is Flow?

A Flow State is characterized by complete absorption in a task, which results in a total transformation of your sense of time. “Flow” was coined by Hungarian-American psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, in 1975. After interviewing a number of people about this unique state of mind that happens when they become absorbed in their work, he chose a metaphor related to water carrying a person along. For more information visit our What is Flow? page. 

How does Flow make me more productive?

Being in Flow means that all your energy is going into the task in your focal point. There is no greater way to channel the immense resources of your brain into deep work than to practice the meditative state of Flow. Centered combines all the known external contributions to help you reach your Flow State as quickly as possible and stay there as long as possible.

Is Centered available on iPhone or Android?

We're working on this right now and you should see it available soon. Check back soon for more details.

What are these videos I hear about?

To help you learn and grow, we regularly feature new videos on mindfulness tricks & productivity tips from the greatest thought-leaders in the field. We also house all of our videos on our YouTube page