Can I create my own custom Centered Groups?

Yes!   You can create public and private Centered Groups, and invite others to join with your very own group link!  

How should I choose between the free and the premium subscriptions?

There are significant benefits to becoming a premium member, including private Centered Sessions, and enhanced analytics.

Is Centered a to-do list? a task manager? for my phone or Desktop?

Yes and yes (and so much more!).  Centered allows you to aggregate all your Tasks in one place easily and then design work sessions to get them done.  When you are ready to get into your Flow State, Centered puts your computer into DND (Mac) and your Slack into “away” status.  Noah, the automated productivity coach, will welcome you, encourage you, nudge you when you go off-track, congratulate you when you’re done, and remind you to take healthy breaks.  In addition, there are over 100 hours of bespoke Flow Music to accompany your Centered Session and scores of Productivity Videos featuring lessons from history’s most outstanding achievers.

Do all users experience a 30% productivity boost?

Centered's internal data has found that thousands of early users complete their work 30% faster.  While the percentage ranges dependent on every user, we've found that the more time people use Centered, the faster their work gets done.  This has been confirmed by the hundreds of users we've personally onboarded and chatted with over the last year.

Do you offer discounts to students, educators, and nonprofit workers?

We support students, educators, and nonprofit workers, especially in this extraordinary time.  Email us at support@centered.app !

What is Flow?

A Flow State is characterized by complete absorption in a Task, which results in a total transformation of your sense of time.  “Flow” was coined by Hungarian-American psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, in 1975.  After interviewing a number of people about this unique state of mind that happens when they become absorbed in their work, he chose a metaphor related to water carrying a person along.  For more information visit our What Is Flow? page. 

How will Flow make me more productive?

Being in a Flow State means that all your energy goes into the Task in your focal point.  There's no greater way to channel the immense resources of your brain into deep work than to practice the meditative state of Flow.  Centered combines all the known external contributions to help you reach your Flow State as quickly as possible and stay there as long as possible.

What's the purpose of a Flow Break?

Research shows that taking breaks from work improves attention, elevates your mood, benefits sleep, alleviates anxiety and depression, and causes less psychological strain.  Regular breaks improve performance and help you feel more accomplished at the end of the day.

Why should I turn on my camera?

Social facilitation theory states that working in the presence of others increases productivity—and yes, that works in digital spaces, too. The presence of others quietly working around you (as in a coffee shop) has been shown to increase mental drive and help you to focus on the Task at hand.

How can I turn off the Centered Coach?

Go the hamburger menu on the top right corner of the Mini-Player and click on Settings.  In the Dashboard, click Music & Coach.  There you can control all settings related to Centered Coaches & Flow Music. 

How can I change the music?

Roll your cursor over the song title in the bottom left corner of the Mini-Player, then click on the music note to the right. A pop-up menu will allow you to choose any playlist.

Can I link my Spotify?

Yes!  You do have the ability to link your Premium Spotify account to Centered!   Select your playlist, start a Centered Session and begin to crush your goals to your own Spotify mix. 

Additionally, we've created over 100 hours of original Flow Music to help you get focused; we will soon offer a range of nature sounds as well.  

Do you track my online data?

No!  We take privacy seriously here at Centered.  Your data remains your own.

Are my Tasks publicly viewable by other users?

We do not show your Tasks to other users within the platform.  

Can I create recurring Tasks?

Yes!  This is one of our most requested features.  Underneath "My Tasks" on your Dashboard, you can create recurring Tasks that will remain for whenever you want to pull them into the "Active Session."

What analytics can I get?

All users receive the number of Tasks they complete and the amount of time they spend in Centered Session.  Premium users get access to increased analytics, such as the amount of time spent in every app & amount of time they're distracted.  

What happens if I follow someone?

You'll receive a notification whenever someone you follow starts a Centered Session so you can join them—your first step in joining the Centered community!

How do I permanently delete Tasks?

You can delete any Task by clicking on the three dots button (meatball) on the right side of that Task and choosing "Delete Task."

Is Centered available on iPhone or Android?

Yes!  We recently released our iPhone and Android apps!   Note, for the whole Centered experience, we recommend using Centered on a desktop.  

What are these videos I hear about?

To help you learn and grow, we regularly feature new videos on mindfulness & productivity tips from the greatest thought-leaders in the field. We also house all of our videos on our YouTube page

How do I get started?

This collection of short videos will help you learn about the Dashboard and take your first Centered Session.

What operating systems does Centered support?

Centered currently supports the following:


2.19 Version 12: "Monterey"
2.18 Version 11: "Big Sur"


Windows 10
Windows 11


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We’re a remote-based seed-stage startup with a hybrid office in Richmond, CA. We make productivity tools for product teams, with a focus on engineers!

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