Want to Get Into a Flow State? Begin with Coffee.

Derek Beres

Derek Beres

Coffee cup, beans, and ground beans

The Ultimate Flow State Enhancer

We all have morning rituals. After inevitably being reminded the food bowls are empty by our three cats—reliably between 4:45 and 5:30—I roll out of bed, flick on the electric kettle, grind fresh beans, then turn to the impatient felines crowing at my feet. 

The first cup is ready by the time they’re hangrily finishing their morning meal. The important work commences: prepping for my morning workout while the coffee hits my bloodstream.

For those whose stomach can tolerate java, research supports drinking it shortly before you get on a bike or begin lifting weights. 

The health benefits of coffee do not stop there.

Caffeine boosts your energy due to its role as an antagonist to adenosine, the molecule responsible for making you feel tired. As an adenosine blocker, caffeine lets dopamine live longer in your system, giving you that upbeat, happy feeling. 

After roughly 20 minutes, feelings of fatigue are neutralized. You feel alert and refreshed, ready to Flow through your morning.

Shortly after, you get an adrenaline rush, which subsequently sharpens your vision—your attentional networks are primed for focus.

Forty minutes after ingestion your body pumps out serotonin, leading to improved muscle strength and coordination—another reason coffee works as an exercise enhancement. 

Of course, the same can be said of coffee aiding mental workouts. The benefits of focus and coordination translate into virtually any task you need to accomplish.

You're ready to Flow.

Additional Benefits

Coffee has system-wide effects on your brain and body.

Of course, no substance is a panacea. There are potential risks from drinking coffee, including a few forms of cancer and cardiovascular disease. 

As with anything, dosage matters. 

For the caffeine-sensitive, insomnia is a serious concern. Lack of sleep results in a whole host of health concerns. Know your dose.

Personally, I never drink caffeine after 10 am and limit my intake to two cups a day. 

If you can tolerate coffee and are not prone to insomnia, however, coffee can be a miraculous addition to your daily routine.

One cup before exercise followed by a second before a mental workout offers two enhanced opportunities to get into Flow States.