Emma Jane Norris on Self-development & Coffee

Emma Jane Norris shares her favorite Flow State music and why coffee and meditation work well together.



Emma Norris

The Self-Developer

Emma Jane Norris is an imperfect action coach, author of Progress Over Perfection, and a self-proclaimed pizza addict. A journalist-turned-self development nerd, her work has appeared in publications like the NY TimesT Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and Women’s Health.

Emma shares her favorite Flow music and why coffee and meditation work well together. 

What's your favorite song that you love to Flow to?

I really love to listen to Japanese lo-fi when I work, particularly a song called "Eternal Youth" by RUDE. I really helps me enter that state of Flow and has a calming influence, as it reminds me of a great trip to Japan!

Do you have any rituals that help you begin your workday?

Yes! Right now, my morning routine is to start off with a 15-minute meditation, followed by writing in my manifestation journal. I'm also currently doing a 'Nifty 350' exercise, where I set a timer for 20 minutes and write 350 of words of whatever pops into my head, which often ends up being content for social media and blogs. Of course, coffee is essential!

What’s your favorite productivity tip?

It would definitely be a combination of mono-tasking and productivity sprints! I find it much easier to get things done in short, sharp bursts, and it makes it so much easier to get into a Flow State. Plus, knowing that you don't have to stay focused for long helps with delaying gratification.

Do you have any current projects?

I am currently working on a virtual co-working club called the Action Takers Club, where driven women can meet for one hour productivity sprints. There's even going to be themes, like content creation, monthly planning, and sorting finances.