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Sammi Geraci-Yee

Sammi Geraci-Yee

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We all desire the ability to focus on demand, to be able to sit down and concentrate so that we can do our best work. However, we face a problem. Endless distractions, new commitments and dopamine-triggering apps all drain our mental bandwidth which we so urgently need to preserve for the tasks that actually move our lives forward.

Having your mental energy stolen by apps that sell your attention to advertisers is a frustrating way to live. Here at Centered, we’ve been working for years on a better, healthier and more effective way to approach our work. One which tames distractions, fulfills our commitments and helps us get more work done in a shorter period of time. In short, we’ve been striving to help you get into a Flow State - a phenomenon named by Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi.

Flow: an antidote to distractions.

Flow is a mental state of productivity characterized by complete absorption in a task, which results in a total transformation of your relationship to time.  Hungarian-American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi coined the term "Flow" in 1975 to describe the sensation of time falling away when applying the mind "in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile."

Think of a time when you were so engrossed in your work that you looked up and suddenly realized that an entire hour had gone by.  Congratulations! — you were deep in your Flow State.  How did that feel?  If you felt motivated and productive, while also light and carefree at the same time, we're here to help you tap into that place every day here at Centered.  Thinking this sounds lofty and aspirational?  Not to worry — everyone can access a Flow State to get their work done faster.  But how?

Centered is a simple, powerful system to get you into your Flow State

Whilst flow is often seen as a rare, infrequent experience of mental calm and alertness, we’ve done our best to make it a consistent and achievable state of mind. By using Centered, you can immerse yourself in an environment where you can focus on doing your best work.

There are certain things you can do to increase the chances that you'll tap into your very own Flow State.  Let’s unpack the tools you need to increase the chances of reaching this Flow State consistently and reliably every single day.

A.I.-powered productivity coaches help squash distractions

Choose from dozens of coach voices including Cassidy Williams, Kent C. Dodds, That Relatable Student and StudentLife101. Our virtual coaches will quietly watch you work and nudge you if you stray off track and open a distracting website or app.

The coach you choose will not only nudge you on track, but also welcome you to your session and congratulate you on a job well done.


Music is an essential component of reaching flow regularly. In Centered Sessions, we use science-backed, curated music playlists to support you in tapping into your Flow State.  Indeed, research has revealed that tracks with a tempo of 60-90 beats per minute increase alpha brain waves while decreasing higher-activity beta waves.  In other words, you're in a better headspace for feeling motivated while lessening your awareness of time.

Centered comes loaded with over 150+ hours of music to help you reach a relaxed, focus state of concentration.


Studies show that context switching - the act of switching between applications, tasks and commitments in rapid succession - has a significant detrimental impact upon our ability to focus and unlock creative insights in our work. People used to believe that our brains were capable of multi-tasking, but research revealed that this is really just rapid context switching between tasks. In a sense: “multi-switching” and it burns a lot of cognitive energy to do so.

According to a joint report by Qatalog and Cornell University’s Idea Lab:

  • On average, people take nine and a half minutes to get back into a productive workflow after switching between digital apps.
  • 45% of people say context-switching makes them less productive.
  • 43% of people say switching between tasks causes fatigue.

At Centered, we understand the urge to check your email, reply to that new message and open Slack are constant threats to our ability to focus intensely on a task. Not only do we offer coaches as the solution, but also we reward your progress towards being undistractable with a Productivity Scoring system.

Productivity Score

Achieving flow can be a rare and hard to achieve mental state; Flow States emerge when several variables coincide to give you a relaxed state of focus. Our Productivity Score can assess how well you’re doing, thereby increasing your awareness of how to the achieve flow and give you tips for improving.

How does the productivity score work in Centered?

Our productivity score analyzes your work patterns and behavior by looking at several metrics, including most notably as it relates to the flow experience:

  • Duration worked
  • Amount of times you were distracted & by what sites and apps
  • How often you picked up your mobile phone

Using your performance across certain metrics detailed in the app, we calculate a quantified score on how productive you were - an indicator which you can use to boost your ability to get into your ideal Flow State. By improving your work patterns and behavior across all metrics, you become more likely to reach your Flow State regularly.


Our mission is to help you avoid feeling stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated - which stops you from doing your best work. By using Centered, you’re tapping into a powerful toolkit of coaches, distraction blocking, music, analytics and more which can help you get your work done quickly and easily and improve day over day and week over week.