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May 16, 2021

Centered Supports Hackathons

written by
Derek Beres


Remembering from Whence We Came

All of us here at Centered received help from mentors as we were developing our careers. One of our foundational principles is to help the next generation of creative minds on their rise through the ranks.

We work in partnership with a number of hackathons by providing all participants with free access to Centered during the hackathon. We also gift winners with a free one-year subscription to Centered, as well as offer a 50% discount to students.

Hackathons We Support

Hackdemonium logo


Hackdemonium empowers students to explore the many aspects of computer science and inspires them to create change through code. The organization hopes to create interest in the STEM field from an early age to inspire ideas that will change the world.



HackWise is a non-profit, free online hackathon organized by students for students (ages 12 - 19) who are passionate about programming and how it can make the world a better place. Hackwise's goal is to encourage discussions and inspire a range of unique and innovative projects to help advance the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Centered's Head of Content Marketing & Community, Derek Beres, spoke to Hackwise 2020 about Flow States. 

Health Hacks logo


hackfrom{home} by health{hacks} is a 48-hour healthcare innovation event dedicated to connecting people from around the world to change the world. Their goal is to bring people from a wide variety of backgrounds and fields to provide new perspectives and collaborate on projects that will translate healthcare technology into social impact.


NextStep Hacks

NextStep's 2020 theme is solving the world's most pressing issues. From day-to-day challenges to global catastrophes, competitors are challenged to use any language or platforms to create their products. NextStep's judging criteria include originality, technology, adherence to theme, learning, design, and completion. 

SacHacks logo


SacHacks is the first major intercollegiate hackathon in the Sacramento, California area. The organization's passion is to cultivate the untapped potential of those in Sac by launching its ideas into action during a 36-hour hackathon.

SheHacks logo


SheHacks is Canada's largest all-female and non-binary hackathon. Over 500 female and female-aligned students are gathering online to make their next move in tech. Regardless of your experience, background, or gender identity, SheHacks provides an opportunity to turn tech ideas into reality in just 36 hours.



The team at ThetaHacks believes that everyone has the potential to be exceptional. They want to help you fulfill that potential by providing the resources and opportunity to innovate and create something that could change the world. ThetaHacks features a variety of workshops and guest speakers to assist and inspire participants. Centered co-founder and Chief Content Officer, Steven Puri, is speaking at the 2021 edition on Flow States. 

UB Hackathon

UB Hackathon

UB Hackathon is an annual intercollegiate hackathon hosted by the University of Bridgeport. The hackathon is created and run by the Student Entrepreneur Center at UB. It is open for students from the University of Bridgeport and other universities & colleges to collaborate and hack on innovative projects – web hacks, mobile hacks, hardware hacks, you name it. Students will create their own projects from start to finish and compete for prizes.

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