The Best Way to Set Up Your Home Office

Elsa Lee

Elsa Lee

Woman working at computer in home office

Healthy Habits

It can often be difficult to discern the line between your work life and your personal life, especially now that our home is our office.

Many of us find home distracting, considering it is also our place of rest. Not only is it harder to be productive, but switching our brains at the end of the day is also difficult.

Inner Voice

Try designating a work-only area. This will help you communicate to yourself when it's time to actually “go home."

Setting up a workspace helps to remove distractions and informs others that you’re at work.

Just like a meditation altar, create a unique workspace.

Begin by thinking of the needs of your business and what you require for success.

What do you need to have readily available in your workspace so you can have them readily available? What kind of hours do you plan to keep?

Next, designate a specific room or area as your workspace. Have an organized desk, whether an actual desk or a makeshift one.

Make sure your paperwork or other tools you need to work all have a specific place.

Removing clutter and distractions will quiet your mind and help you focus on your work.

Desk in home office

Make It Comfortable

Invest in an ergonomic chair and a portable stand-up desk for when you get restless. Keep your health in mind. 

Add a scented candle; the scent of grapefruit is known to combat fatigue. A photo or two of nature or other peaceful scenery might help to soothe your brain.

Whatever you decide to include in your workspace is unique to you.

The point is to create a mental oasis so you have a sense of normalcy in your work life.