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Nov 13, 2020

Procrastination is Slowing You Down. Here's How to Stop.

written by
Elsa Lee

The Root of Procrastination

We often pass time focused on mundane tasks in order to avoid important ones. Procrastination is a chronic problem in modern society—in our jobs and in life in general. 

Despite multiple deadlines creeping up, we waste time by randomly texting friends or scrolling endlessly on social media when we should work on the tasks in front of us.

Tragically, we know these avoidance techniques only feed our discontent.

Taking Action

Doing something about it is a different story.

Why then do we procrastinate?

Interestingly, research has revealed that procrastination is not often due to laziness. In most cases, we procrastinate because we’re afraid.

What exactly are we afraid of?


Woman sitting on floor typing on laptop

Behavioral scientists have shown that procrastination is not just a time-management problem; it’s an emotional regulation problem.

Procrastination provides us momentary relief and shields us from confronting possible failure and mental discomfort.

In order to be productive, you must find a way to break this irrational cycle. You’ve collected a lifetime of examples—deadlines always arrive and work always needs to get done.

Your real choice is how much you let that stress affect you.

Remember, you develop a new habit every time you put on your headphones, choose a Task in Centered, and hit play. A habit that decreases your stress and allows you to find Flow. A habit that, if continued, shows the world—and more importantly, yourself—that you’re not afraid of failure.

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