Improving the World Through Software: Kent C. Dodds

Utah-based educator Kent C. Dodds speaks to Centered about productivity, music, and the possibility of nuance on Twitter.

Sammi Geraci-Yee

Sammi Geraci-Yee

Kent C Dodds teaching Remix

The Ethical Coder

Kent C. Dodds wants to make the world a better place.  It just so happens that his mission involves software development. 

The Utah-based educator left a position at Paypal to pursue an independent career teaching people how to code.  As he tells Centered, his side hustle teaching Javascript and React began paying his mortgage even while still at Paypal.  Emboldened, he decided to take the plunge. 

Nearly three years and 150,000 Twitter followers later, Dodds has become a force among coders.  His courses, lectures, videos, and tweets have a major impact.  Even more refreshingly, Dodds expresses humility when discussing his skill set. 

I'm not afraid to admit that I don't know something or that I'm wrong about something or that I'm experienced in a certain way. 

Juggling multiple courses and a family that includes four children—he has 11 brothers and sisters—Dodds is also a snowboarding and one-wheel fanatic.  Growing up a gymnast left an imprint, though he loathes the idea of “exercise.”  He needs to move fast and have fun. 

And, as it turns out, extreme sports provide a way to keep his mind fresh as well. 

Movement is a really important part of our brains operating at full capacity. 

When asked what he’s most excited about in software these days, his response is swift: Remix.  His own website is built using Remix, and he’s enthusiastic about everything the framework offers. 

As Dodds’s star continues to rise, he aims at creating better solutions that make people happier and more productive.  Even so, he’s aware of the backlash you receive as a Twitter influencer.  That said, he’s hopeful that progress is possible. 

Let's just all acknowledge that there's nuance on Twitter. Now we don't have to say it every time we tweet.