Scott Daniel Hayden on Deep Work & Upskilling Communities

Luana Mattos

Luana Mattos

Scott Daniel Hayden speaking at the Mobile World Congress

The Tech Consultant

Scott Daniel Hayden is an EdTech Consultant and Founder & Manager of a team that supports and trains staff and students in using digital, creative, innovative approaches to Teaching, Learning, and Assessment. His work emphasizes collaboration, creativity, communication, empathy, and industry relevance.

Scott shares his favorite productivity tips and what he does while he's waiting for his morning cup of coffee. 

What's your favorite song that you love to Flow to?

I prefer when working deeply. 

Do you have any rituals that help you begin your workday?

What’s your favorite productivity tip?

Blocking out slots in Calendar,, and using the Pomodoro technique.

Do you have any current projects?

LaunchSpace, where we're upskilling our community with digital skills.