Make a Success List, Not a To-Do List

Forget your to-do list. A Success List helps you prioritize what matters most to you in life, bringing you one step closer to achieving it.



Man holding arms out standing on mountain

Success factors

We all have endless to-do lists to get our daily tasks done. While useful, they're not always the answer to success.

We often end up making to-do lists instead of focusing on completing the right tasks that help us achieve our biggest goals in life.

There's a difference between urgency and importance. Too often we give our attention to urgency instead of importance, distracting us from our end goal.

Your Success List

Instead of making a to-do list, make a success list. Doing this will shift your attention from daily progress to life goals.

A success list emphasizes your Most Important Tasks. MITs should be treated as micro-goals that support your ultimate goal.

Make sure to perform MITs during your most productive time of the day.

To start your Success List, go to your Task Playlist and create three MITs for today. Place these at the top of your playlist and list the rest of the week's MITs below.

Less critical tasks should be prioritized afterward. After all, what matters most to you? Urgent tasks or stepping stones to achieving our biggest goals?

A Success List allows you to progress from merely surviving to thriving. Keeping the bigger picture in mind brings you one step closer to realizing it.