Jul 19, 2021

How To Unlock the Best of Centered

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A True Flow State Companion

We created Centered with one goal in mind: to help you Do Something Great.

Think of it like a virtual coffee shop where you can enjoy the energy of quietly working with others (which can lead to a serious productivity boost) or find a private corner for yourself.

Centered is a true Flow State companion that you can leave open while you work.

There are significant benefits to becoming a premium member.  

The study halls in Centered 2.0 (called “Flowhalls”) have many features you’ll love, such as custom Flow music, simple Task management, distraction blocking, and Flow Coaches. Premium members enjoy additional benefits, including Do Not Disturb mode, private Flowhalls, private Task lists, and private stats. 

To make Centered even more personalized for your workflow, consider becoming a premium member today for $10/month or $80/year.

Premium features of Centered

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