How to Enjoy the Little Things in Life

Pausing your productivity regimen to remember the little things in life has big results. Most importantly, gratitude breaks help your mental health.

Riya Mehta

Riya Mehta

Three women sitting on rocks near river

Little Things Matter

“Stop to smell the roses.”

It’s a saying many of us heard growing up, but that's easier said than done.

There are designated days to celebrate the big milestones: birthdays, promotions, or weddings.

But there are no designated times to celebrate the small things, such as a good cup of coffee, a fresh breeze, and other tiny moments that fill our day.

Task Management

The small things often get overshadowed by the numerous tasks that consume our day.

People work non-stop, moving from one thing to the next with no time to spare. However, the more work you try to cram in, the less productive you are.

While it's important to remember you can’t do everything, remind yourself to take small breaks from work to appreciate your surroundings.

Give Pause

Pausing for 20-30 seconds to appreciate a good thing creates a positive effect on your neural structure.

Appreciating little things may lead to a better overall sense of happiness and satisfaction—a positive effect in your neural structure that is foundational to entering a productive Flow State.

To encourage your brain to Flow, take a few seconds to acknowledge the little moments in life.

These pockets of peace will help you focus on your Most Important Tasks.

Woman smelling roses

Smell the Roses

Identify moments in your day when you pause for 20 seconds to appreciate something small.

Try this on your walk to the coffee machine or after you finish a task.

Centered helps you take a short break in between Tasks with our gratitude breaks.

These short moments help you be more productive throughout your day—and remember what matters most in life. It's certainly not a spreadsheet.