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Blaze through your Tasks 30% faster
Centered helps you reach your Flow State faster & longer so you can focus better, get your work done quickly and feel less stressed.
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Plan Your Future

Create a Playlist of your Tasks

Drag and drop them or import from many other platforms.

Flow through Your Present

Press "Play" and away you go

Centered’s Productivity Coach guides you through your Tasks one-by-one.

We block notifications and stream custom-designed focus music

to get you in Flow sooner…and keep you there longer.

Get Insights from Your Past

What’s your most productive time of day?

What’s your worst distraction?

How can you improve?

Centered uncovers the patterns of how you work, so you can get better day over day and week over week.




People who have gotten Centered say this...

Centered is filled with thoughtful touches...

Julie Fung


If you need to focus and find your Flow, Centered makes it so easy to drag and drop Tasks to schedule them and block off any interrupting notifications.

Danil Myakin, Blunt but Fancy


Video tips with photos of nature and breathing exercises are stunning and insightful.



So @centered_app puts out some super fire video content on #productivity. today, the app served up a video on 'defeating the creative slump' (narrated by a fella with a serene British accent).

And most importantly, Centered knows

when to say...


An important part of being productive is taking a moment to enjoy that feeling of achievement.

So we built it right in.

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Because we know you’ll love it.



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