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Transform the way you work
Blaze through your Tasks 20% faster
By combining mindfulness techniques with simple task management, Centered empowers you to stay focused and complete your to-do list
faster and happier.
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Organize your Tasks with the most intuitive UI in the space
Prioritize your day by dragging and dropping Tasks in your to-do list or import them from many other platforms.
When you’re ready to Flow, hit play and Centered will guide you through them one-by-one.
Flow through your day with an integrated calendar
Easily drag and drop Tasks to schedule them.
Block off uninterrupted Centered time to focus and find your Flow.
Optimize your work with analytics & insights
Get better day over day and week over week. Centered shows how long you spent in each app and areas where you got interrupted and offers you tips on how to improve.
When it’s all done, give yourself some gratitude
Centered recognizes that an important part of being productive is taking a moment to enjoy that feeling of achievement. So we built it right in.
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Pro Tip: You may be able to expense your Centered subscription with your company as a productivity tool