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Transform the way you work
Mindfulness meets productivity
Centered transforms how you work. It combines mindfulness techniques with simple task creation, empowering you to stay focused.
Intelligent task management to help you plan your days
Use one simple and powerful to-do list for all your tasks. When you’re ready to start working, put on your headphones and hit Play, and Centered will guide you to stay focused.
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Optimize your calendar and prioritize your tasks
Block off uninterrupted Centered time to help focus and find your flow. Easily drag and drop tasks to your schedule.
See how well you’re focusing on tasks
Centered monitors your application usage while you work. It shows how long you spent in each app and pinpoints areas where you got interrupted.
When you’re done, enjoy the sense of accomplishment
After completing a task, we help you take a moment to acknowledge and feel good about the work you just did.
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