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Jun 2, 2021

Our Company Secret from the Pandemic

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How we not just survived, but thrived

We acknowledge that the pandemic brought about (and still brings) challenges on personal, professional, and societal levels. We hope everyone reading this story is on the road to recovery.

We wanted to share a secret that we at Centered discovered during the pandemic, as it was the most powerful professional outcome we could have imagined from a year like none other.

The secret agreement that came from lockdown

Let's ignore the raging debate about work-from-home, hybrid, or office-only. What we discovered is that the secret is having an entire organization (or even a department) make a pact to not communicate.


You read that right.

No email, calls, Zoom, Slacks, texts, WhatsApps, anything.

We made an internal agreement that the entire organization would not communicate from 8-10 am Pacific Time.

What do you think happened?

  • Our engineers completed more sprints and shipped better code than at any point in their careers. 
  • Our content team focused on research and writing that led to high-quality posts and better engagement on social media.
  • Our executive team created proposals that led to important partnerships being forged.
  • Inbox zero became a reality instead of a wistful dream. 

All of this because we allowed ourselves an opportunity to Flow.

To enter a Flow State, you need roughly 20 minutes to get started. Then you have to maintain your focus.

The result? 

Our two daily hours lead to massive increases in productivity and satisfaction. 


Flow Time

Instituting Flow Time was initially challenging. As with many remote workforces, we live by Slack, Zoom, and email.

As with sports, dedication is everything. There's actually little difference between physical and mental fitness, as research shows. You're never just training your brain or body.

You can enter a Flow State while reading or coding as quickly as surfing or cycling. You just have to dedicate yourself to that endeavor for an extended period of time. 

That time is, for us, Flow Time. We know the power of focus and live by our word. 

If you're a business owner, can you institute Flow Time for your company? If you're a remote worker, are you willing to devote two hours each day to uninterrupted work? 

Every remote company (and, we'd argue, companies in "traditional" offices) must answer these questions. Life is too short and time too valuable to work to exhaustion with few results. 

Flow Time helps you to maximize your time and truly value your productivity so that you have more time for what matters most in your life. 

Let's Flow. 

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